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VHP efforts for Social reforms

Untouchability is against Hindu ideology and has never been granted in any religion. So many social reforms have friend to eradicate this anti-religious tradition form the society.

The social harmony wing of VHP has been continuously trying since last 52 years to make available one well, one graveyard and one temple for all in every villages in India and VHP is trying to make people aware about it .

From 25th -27th November all the Leaders /saints from all the caste, creed came together in Udupi and slammed casteism by clarifying that Untouchability is not a product of Hinduism and there should not be any prejudice because all should be treated equally well in a Hindu society. For this saints will spread awareness to eliminate untouchability from the societies so as to make India untouchable free .

Friendly Hindu Family :Any Hindu family belonging to so called upper caste will make any unprivileged socially backward poverty stricken family as their friend. Likewise, VHP will bring 500 upper caste families in every districts to establish socially harmony .

Auspicious birthdays of Dr. B.R Ambedkar , MaharshiBalmiki , St. Kabir ,Shri Narayan Guru , H.H Shri Rabi Dash and Shri Basweshar , Shri Sankar Dev etc. will be celebrated .This year , on 31st January 2018 ,the auspicious birthday of ParamPujya St. Rabi Dash Ji will be celebrated in a grand manner .

VHP for the establishment of harmony in a society will do Kanyapujan, Sahabhoj and Yangya.

VHP will go to every cities, villages and families with these ideologies of holy saints and steps will be taken so as the families will accept and follow these suggestions

For the encouragement in sports, education and health several projects will be planned. We truly believe that the resolutions taken by VHP will make the world created by Lord Shree Jagannath an untouchable free world.

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