Thoughts on World Laughter Day: An article by Dr Bhagaban Prakash

(First Sunday of May celebrated as World laughter Day. On this day Eminent Columnist and Adviser of Election Commission of India wrote this article.)

Today is the first Sunday of May celebrated as World laughter Day. And today morning my wisdom tooth was pulled out by the dentist. The procedure took about two hours for two persons to take out the tiny tooth that resisted to come out. The doctor looked dead serious. So I told him in a lighter vein: Doctor, today you have robbed me off my ‘wisdom’ and made me a ‘ triple stupid’. He laughed loudly and then said Sorry, but why triple stupid? I said: you took away my wisdom , 7 thousand cash! Nd you force me to swallow five bitter tablets for five days! He laughed again. I said continue laughing at least five times a day as today is world laughter day. It makes you a healthier and better dentist. Because to be angry 36 facial muscles have to overwork, but to smile and be happy you need help of only 12 facial muscles. He laughed louder this time and said: Now you must admit I have only taken your wisdom tooth and not your ‘wisdom’.

In my book Lucy’s Children (Viswakarma-Amazon) there is a chapter called-‘ Suffering the stupids’. Where I have quoted stupidity expert Charles Cipolla who states how we come across stupids in different walks of life, how even wise people behave like stupids and how every one everyday turns a stupid for atleast five minutes! I agree with Cipolla as I myself have shown strains of stupidity a couple of times by trusting people who are not trustworthy. However, wisdom lies in learning from experience. Laura Sclesinger in her book Ten Stupid thing Men and Women do to mess up their Lives gives interesting examples of stupid partner selection, stupid husbanding, stupind parenting, stupid ambition etc.

Stupids are defined as people who who foolishly cause damage to the people without any benefit or gain to themselves! They refuse to learn and change and love to repeat the same mistakes. In the Confucian language,when a wise person points a hand at Moon, the stupids try to examine his fingers!!
Yet without stupids the world will be a dull place and people would stop laughing.Long live stupids!!!

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