Sum hospital observes World Hepatitis Day in Bhubaneswar

Institute of Medical Sciences and SUM Hospital,  has come into focus for its valiant battle against Viral Hepatitis, a dreaded infection that kills 1.5 million people worldwide every year. The hospital demands, it has become the only of its kind in the country which conducts free HBV screening and vaccination for all comers on a daily basis.

In a press release Dr. Manoj Kumar Sahu, Head of the hospital said,  “our department conducts free screening and vaccination for everybody from 9 am to 5 pm everyday round the year. We have been doing it for the last four years and hope to continue the same in the future,” he said on the eve of the World Hepatitis Day.

“Hepatitis-B is a dreaded disease but people are ignorant about a wonderful vaccine which has been available since 1982. All you need to do is to get vaccinated to remain safe against the infection,” Dr. Sahu said.

He said the spread of awareness against viral hepatitis was the biggest need which the SUM Hospital was trying to do. “The hospital has been conducting at least one or two campaigns every month against Hepatitis-B and C in different schools, colleges and institutions. We have already covered 23 schools in Bhubaneswar and its peripheral areas where screening and vaccination has been taken up,” he added. The hospital had conducted these campaigns in the state secretariat, Paradip Port, several banks, the CRPF centre, business houses and the Fire Training Institute, Dr. Sahu said adding “we are also trying to build awareness about viral hepatitis through newspapers, television and radio.”

Around 500 million people in the world were infected with Hepatitis-B and C on this day and if left untreated, it could lead to advanced scarring or cirrhosis of the liver and other complications including liver cancer.

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