Sonu Nigam entertained Bhubaneswar Audiance in KIIT Fest

KIIT Fest is the annual University festival of KIIT University KIIT Fest 4.o concluded on 20th December. The Four day programme from 17 to 20 December was a defining platform for the students and artists to showcase their skills and develop their potential. It is the first and the largest of its kind in east India and hopes to carve a niche for itself in the country. KIIT fest provides an opportunity to let imagination run wild and enjoy the extravaganza to the students. It has workshops for the inquisitive minds, robotics events for the technical aficionados, app making events for the computer geeks, structure challenges for the civil engineers, business plan marathons for the management gurus, competitive debates, dance, drama and quizzing events for the artists and unwinding cultural shows for the freewheelers.

Mr. Mukes Tiwari, Bollywood Actor was the star attraction of the inaugural session, while eminent Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam, noted Cricket Commentator Mr. Harsa Bhogle and Akbar Sami’s DJ night were other attractions of the fest.  

It has workshops for the inquisitive minds, technical events to blow mind, competitive debate, dance, drama and quizzing events for the artists and unwinding cultural shows for the freewheelers. Events including Aerial Quest, Airborne 3.0, Sunder Muster, Drone-Acharya, Tech Mania, Mad for CAD, Hydro Booster, Architechture of Destruction, Engineering Design, Computer Aided Design, Mech ke Tech-Stars, Solar Spectrum, Circuit Design, Power Relay, Electrical Autoation (IOT), Robo Soccer, Small Hydro Power Plant, Green Building, Electric Vehicle, Electric Machine Race, Matlab 1O1, Electrical Quiz, Power Generation using, Renewable Sources, Video Presentation, Electrical Exhibition, Braille  Coding, Sherlock Holmes, Turncoat, Human Snake and Ladders, Call of Duty 4 Tournament, Third Eye Photography, Bring back to Life, Three Musketeers, Design Enigma, Blur, Code Maze, ElectroPuzz, Marca-vete, Mirror Maze, Mistifying Colors, Newton Hunt, Road Runner, KillerTron, Water Rookie,  Wear it!, Debug the Bugs, Be the builder, Clash Royale (Mobile Gaming), Counter Strike (Gaming), FIFA (Gaming), Injustice(Gaming), Internshala-Workshop, IOT Competition, Do I lie (Fun Games), Minute to win it (Fun Games) etc held by student participants.

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