Soft drinks – New traffic from Khurda road division by rail to far-off places

Khurda Road Division of East Coast Railway has started transporting Soft Drinks from Khurda Road Station. This is a new Traffic for Railways.

The first train was despatched on 17th March, 2018 from Khurda Road Station to Fatuha Station in Patna City of Bihar. With the success of the first Parcel Express, the party has now placed indent for the second Parcel Express, this time to Purnea, again in Bihar.

The Soft Drinks are sourced from a local bottling plant of a branded Soft Drinks manufacturer. Faced with lots of difficulties in despatching Soft Drinks by Road, the manufacturers approached Railways through their logistics provider. Railways had provided a Parcel Train with 20 Parcel Vans for carrying Soft Drinks from Khurda Road to Fatuha.

Each such Train Traffic is expected to fetch the Railways an amount of around rupees 12 lakhs plus. This traffic movement by rail assumes significance in that such movement of consumer products by Rail will bring about a sea change in the logistics scenario of the State. Rail movement is generally preferred over Road Traffic as it can carry twenty times the volume and deliver the goods in less than half the time compared to Road Traffic.

While Railways has been known to traditionally carry bulk items like coal, iron ore, cement, wheat, rice, etc. in goods trains in this part of the country, carrying of Soft Drinks by Parcel Express has certainly raised many interesting observations and industry watchers are keeping a watch over this development.

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