Low cost Sanitary Napkins to be available in Petrol Pumps for Sale!

Sanitary Napkins may be available in Petrol Pumps for Sale in Bhubaneswar. Such a possibility rose with the visit of Union Petroleum & Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan to a Common Service Centre.

Pradhan visited the CSC in Palaspalli at Bhubaneswar on Sunday. He interacted with some women making sanitary napkins. Pradhan praised the women on his social media accounts. He told that, these women are making hygienic, low cost sanitary napkins. “I have urged the CSC to provide the sanitary napkins at all petrol pumps & retail outlets in the city to benefit girls and women of the city.”

If the women works on Union Minister’s advice then low cost Sanitary Napkins will be available in Petrol pumps of the city for sale.

Notably, for the convenience of ladies, recently East Coast Railway has installed Sanitary Napkin Vending machines in different important railway stations of the state. 


(Photo Courtest: Facebook @DharmendraPradhanOdisha)


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