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Sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo will create World class Sand art Park.

Countries come to Puri by getting attracted to the golden sand arts made with the artistic artworks of sand artist on the golden sea-beach of Puri. Since the year 1995, while playing with   sand, the devotion and perseverance of Mr. Manas Sahoo have made him now an International Artist.
A few years back on the banks of Mangala River Mr. Sahoo had started India’s first Sand Art Park. After an extremely hard work of nearly four months where he had made six International standards of sand-art, which attracted many tourists from all corners of the world. But The Dept. of Tourism, Govt of Odisha demolished the park within four hours of notice showing the reason that that land belongs to Tourism Dept. But unfortunately, the Dept did not have a little consideration to preserve those arts for tourists. Since that unfortunate event, Mr. Sahoo had participated in many events that include the Colors Channel, Advertisement of Govt of Uttar Pradesh, ABP news programmes like “Gandhigiri” and “Raktranjit” and the famous serial “Satyameva Jayate”; visited many foreign countries to show his marvelous sand arts and sand animation. It helped not just in the increase of tourists but with the money earned through his artworks he had donated a lot to the cancer patients, mentally-challenged people and so on. But in return neither the Dist. Administration nor State of Odisha had ever recognized the contribution of Manas Sahoo. The Administration did not even have a little consideration to invite Mr. Sahoo to participate in the Konark Sand Art festival organized each year by the State of Odisha.
Now the State of Odisha has decided to construct a Sand Art Park in Puri, but the Govt did not ever give a thought to listen to a word from the artist who had established the first Sand Art Park in Puri. If the Administration continues its apathy towards the Artist who had devoted his life for twenty-two years for the development of art, then Manas Sahoo is determined and taking a pledge to construct a Sand Art Park on his own effort without any help from State Government. In the meanwhile, nearly five State Governments have given a proposal to Mr. Manas Sahoo to construct Sand Art Parks in their respective States. Mr. Sahoo will be compelled to shift to other states with an identity of a nationalism if the Govt. Of Odisha did not show his due respect to the arts and artists, and overall towards the grandeur of sand art and the marvelous tradition of Odisha’s sculptures.
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