News section of All India Radio Cuttack will not move to Bhubaneswar

There is a rumor in Cuttack about moving News section (Regional News Unit) of All India Radio from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar. Which is actually false. There is no such plan.

From reliable sources, Latest Odisha News came to know that, it will not move to Bhubaneswar. Rather All India Radio News headquarter is planning to move the National Odia News section to All India Radio Cuttack.

Earlier, a local Odia daily published a story saying that, All India Radio Cuttack will move its News section to Bhubaneswar. The daily says ‘its a conspiracy to decrease importance of Cuttack city’. Some news casters of All India Radio also reacted on social media on this and protested against the alleged decision.

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