Why did Naveen change the ministers?

The temperature was high in state, and the political temperature was in higher level. This weekend, television news channels was very active to cover Odisha cabinet reshuffle. Most of the time the breaking news scroll was filled by the names of ministers who resigned and the names whom Naveen selected. 

Friday evening Speaker Niranjan Pujari and Saturday 9 ministers resigned from their post. It was expected Naveen will take some senior leaders in place of these ministers. But some names (Binay Nayak, Chandra Sekhar Behera) are there in the ministry who were not even in discussion. Naveen loves giving surprises, is this that’s why?

By organizing National Executive meet, Bharatiya Janata Party has shown its seriousness for Odisha. Increasing popularity of BJP in state is a big alarm for Naveen. Experts say Naveen was bound to change the ministry and get prepared for 2019. Naveen need to utilize young talents to make party strong at grass root level.

Most of the ministers who resigned, were not able to perform well in their respective constituency in previous Panchayat election. Reportedly, it was the reason of the change.

Will the x-ministers who has given responsibility to strengthen party at district level, will give their effort? Are they really happy to leave the post and work for the party? Time will find-out the answer.

BJP leaders say people of Odisha has voted Naveen Patnaik, not the MLAs or ministers. Naveen has lost his popularity. So change in ministry will have no impact on coming assembly election. 2019 election will be a disaster for him.

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