Misconception about train leaving 3 coaches behind at Puri Railway station

Some News Channels / web channels have given information that a Passenger Train from Puri on 10th July, 2018 has left behind 3 coaches at Puri, and later returned to pick up the coaches. East Coast Railway informed that it was a Misconception.

Puri- Cuttack Passenger Train was supposed to depart at 08 hrs. At 0757 hrs, it was reported that coach which was 4th from rear end is marked sick and hence it needs to be detached. To detach the coach placed 4th from rear, the rear-most 3 coaches were detached first. The 4th coach was detached on another line and then the three rear-most coaches were again attached to the train. The Train departed from Puri at 0825 hrs leaving one coach short. It is the same coach that was detached.

The misconception arises as the general idea is that detached coach could have been placed somewhere nearby. This can not be technically possible as each coach has to be brought from one line to another. This is not like Road Traffic where one vehicle moves with the help of a steering wheel. In trains, each time the engine has to go to the end of the yard to go to another line.

Matter has been clarified from Khurda Road Division of East Coast Railway. There was no panic at the Station. It was a planned operation. Passengers were informed by the Station Staff. There is no reason to say that “panic gripped the passengers”.


(Picture Courtesy: East Coast Railway)

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