Manas Sahoo’s Sand Art on World Cancer Day

Famous sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo, who had started India’s first Sand Art Park, has built a sand sculpture on the occasion of “World Cancer Day”. This sand sculpture has been created at Manas Sahoo Sand Art Park situated at Baliapanda, near Light House Sea-Beach of Puri City. In this sand art Mr. Sahoo has tried to create awareness among people about how one can protect oneself from an incurable disease like cancer. The artist is requesting people through his sand art to give up tobacco abuse, narcotic abuse, and all other forms of drug abuse. In this sand art the artist has inscribed in a beautiful, artistic way of how one can lead a healthy and beautiful life by rising above the fear of cancer by sheer will-power in giving up narcotic and other forms of drug abuse. Cancer may be a serious disease, but it can be conquered with strong will power. This sand art is of 10” feet in height and some 10 tonnes of sand is used to build it. It took Mr. Sahoo and the students of his Institute nearly seven hours to build this art.

This is what noted sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo tried to communicate to the world through his sand art titled ‘CONQUERING CANCER WITH WILL POWER’.

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