Interview with Chess Queen Padmini Rout

Padmini rout international chess master of Odisha needs no introduction. She is pride of Odisha. After winning many awards n titles in chess now she has won Indian chess championship on hattrick. She spoke an exclusive interview to Latest Odisha News about her career and national championship journey.

Q. How do you feel after winning Indian Women Chess Championship on a hattrick?

A. I feel really good. It’s a tough tournament and to win it thrice in a row is a very good thing.


Q. You are the only Women International Master of Chess in Odisha. How do you feel?

A. I would really feel good if we have many Grandmasters from our state including myself! J


Q. You are winner of Eklavya Award and many more. Do you think all these felicitation inspire you?

A. Yes these awards and felicitations are very encouraging. It shows that your efforts for your people are being appreciated and motivates you to bring more laurels.


Q. Do you think chess players of Odisha are getting right facilities in the state?

A. Our state has started giving cash awards for participation and winning in Nationals, Asian and World events in all sports including chess. I think that’s big and a huge help since otherwise the players are just left to fend for themselves. We could have more infrastructures though. For chess we could have more training facilities, it is one of the most expensive areas. For beginners as well as for players like me. Most of the time I work on my own where as my competitors have good coaches. Having a coach makes your progress faster since they can lend you the required knowledge and experience. We have one International Open tournament in summer where players can make norms. We can have more of them.


Q. What are your future plans?

A. I want to become a stronger chess player and GM asap. I am playing in the World Championship Knockout tournament coming February and will try to win medal there.


Q. You are selected for World Chess Championship. How are you preparing for this?

A. Yes, I am working hard for it. I am putting most of my time for preparation of it since the date is really close. I am working mentally as well as trying to keep myself fit.


Q. Who is Your Mentor?

A. I have a very good player who is guiding me.


Q. Who inspire you to come to this line?

A. My father taught me the game and he inspired me to become a chess player.


Q. Who is your idol in Chess?

A. There are many players who I take inspiration from.


Q. What is your message for the upcoming Chess player of Odisha?

A. To have a good attitude and have passion for the game.

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