An Interview with Barnali Hota

Barnali Hota is a famous singer of odisha. She is a fantastic and one of the strongest contestants of Indian music reality show Dil Hai Hindustani. Latest Odisha News had a small interaction with Barnali on her participation in Dil Hai Hindustani.
Q. First of all heartfelt congratulations for being top 6 contestants of Dil hai hindustani. How does it feel?
A. First of all Jay Jagannath… it’s a great feeling to represent my state Odisha not only in national level but this time in an international level…really feels great when in front of contestants from all over the world I get to represent Odisha.
Q. Is there any difference being a participant of Sa re ga ma pa li’l chmaps and Dil hai hindustani ?
A.  Yes..the first difference is that I was a kid then..and I  m now also only 16..but still..
second is that I competed as an individual then but now I  m there in a fantastic band #EuphonyOfficial of seven boys and I m the only girl. I m getting to know how to sing in a band and a lot more and it’s really more enjoyable to b in a band than being an individual. Third is that i guess I m the first one from Odisha to b representing my state at an international level  because before hand those who were there in reality shows it was in national level.
 Barnali Hota 2
Q. You are selected at top 6. How are you preparing for this?
A. we r preparing really hard…bcoz last episode was really gud with an Odia song fused into sasuraal genda phool…and so we have a lot more to do this time with a lot more pressure on us.
Q. Who inspire you to choose this line?
A. actually my father bcoz he wanted to b a singer but couldn’t be as his family used to give more preference to studies.
Q. Who is your mentor?
A.  here there r trainers aditya sir and rheek sir nd..obviously the leader of our band Sanish Nair whom I call daddy mentors us..he is a great guide.
Q. Who is your idol in music?
Q. What is your future planing?
A. My future planning is actually for now sticking with this band, second is achieving a position in classical music, third I wanna bring a change in odia music if my state allows me to..if u have heard the type of music we r performing here in this stage…i wanna create that kind of music in odisha…and of course I wanna learn a lot more
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Q. Do you think singers of Odisha are getting right platform to show their talent?
A. yes today Odias r getting a right platform to showcase their talents..but still a lot more has to happen and let’s not forget the one person who opened paths for all Odias to come in here Sniti Mishra.
Q. What is your message for the upcoming singer of Odisha?
 A. My message ll b only this much that riyaaz riyaaz and riyaaz..respect ur elders , be honest to ur music and be original in ur music… try to recreated onto stick to what has been going on since ages..and have faith on lord Jagannath.
Q. Thank you and all the best for your reality show  Dil Hai Hindustani.
A. thank u so mch…from me nd my band #EuphonyOfficial + #barnalihota
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