ICAR Scientists in Odisha Protest demanding Immediate Implementation of Seventh Central Pay Commission

Agricultural Scientists of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) are the unsung heroes of the saga of Green, white, blue and now the rainbow revolution. They work incessantly under the rain and sun to serve the nation through ensuring food security and welfare of the farming community in the backdrop of climate change and the dwindling resources viz., insufficient manpower and research funding. They deserve to get free working ambience without any administrative and bureaucratic hurdles, timely payment of salary and uniform working schedule in tune with the parallel national scientific organizations. However, it is quite unfortunate that a series of events that occurred in the recent times have affected their research ambience, dignity and self respect thereby lowered the morale of the scientists. The following two issues which is long term demand of ICAR scientists are still unaddressed which are their basic rights.

Most of the central government workforce of the nation including scientific organizations has been drawing their revised salary emoluments as per the Seventh Pay Commission for more than a year.Though the recommendations of UGC pay review committee were accepted by the Government long back, ICAR scientists have yet to realize the benefit of the same.Even the pensioners of ICAR have suffered heavily in terms of psychological depression and mental agony due to delayed payment of arrears.

Their longstanding demand of 5 working days per week though enjoys majority support of ICAR scientists and RMPs has been turned down in GB meeting which clearly reflects highest level of insensitivity towards genuine needs of scientific community.

Under this background, the central executive committee of Agricultural Research Service Scientists Forum (ARSSF) of ICAR strongly condemns the apathy and insensitiveness towards the genuine needs of the scientific community and opines that their sincerity and loyalty is being taken for granted. Hence,it has given a call to observe a silent protest by all the scientists of ICAR throughout the nation on 01st March 2018 by wearing black badges, to reinforce and bring to the nation’s attention their demands for implementation of Revised pay at the earliest and implementation of five working days in ICAR institutes with immediate effect. Hence, the ARSSF of ICAR-Indian Institute of Water Management (IIWM) and ARSSF of ICAR-Central Institute for Fresh Water Aquaculture (CIFA), Scientists of ICAR-National Rice research Institute (NRRI), ICAR-Central Institute for Women in Agriculture (CIWA), Regional Centre of ICAR-Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI), Regional Centre of ICAR-Central Avian Research Institute (CARI) and Central Horticultural Experimental Station of ICAR-Indian Horticultural Research Institute (IIHR) observed silent protest on 1st March 2018 by wearing black badges and displaying their demands through banners thereby joinedhands with its scientific fraternity across the nation to show its solidarity for the cause and immediate implementation of their demands.

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