Environmental literacy for secure survival

Earth day, a mind-boggling event in the fraternity of environmental awareness, has come along a long way since 1970. It is not the day only to remember and retreat the concerns related to the mother earth, rather a day connecting moments of apprehensions to applaud the existence of 4.5 billion years old earth. The great mystery of origin of the earth while in suspected reach, overpowering its survival by multifaceted exploitations may be killer kink  for more than 6 billion human being and much bigger size of other life forms. Thanks to this monumental move of seventies that alerts the alarming reaction of earth to our sustenance. At least we have understood the dignity of the day and availed the occasion to aware ourselves. The peak that has been attained for exploitation of natural resources recklessly and engulfing the environmental setting for oversized-modern lifestyle reveals a degradable and frustrating nature. 22nd April, the day drizzles universally every year to evolve the environmental waves in everybody’s mind and soul must be a message in inculcating the well being of mother earth. Having solemn visions it comes into sight every year with different themes; this year thrusts upon the climate and environmental literacy.

Much of our labour and effort have been installed to achieve a sizable literacy level in society since long back. Transformation of literacy to educated mass has been prompted upon the promising life style. But when the environmental issues come, we again go back to the baby care-A B C means the so called literacy stage. We in billions are yet in the dark to desire in adopting an environmental friendly world. The way our earth nourished since long is nodding down to perform the same, the reason being we lead lives outstandingly against the exploitation of the earth. Even it is late to start with the expression of anguish, the minimum movement to aware and awaken the environmental issues can be justified by the theme of initiation i.e. environmental literacy.

When environmental disorder escalates vigorously, climate change culminates crassly, natural disasters devastate demonly, we must not remain ignorant and aloof, rather we should be thoroughly vigilant on the phenomenal and frequent environmental changes. Political abounded parts of the earth hardly prohibit the paramount propagation of pollutants. Therefore, people from every corner of the world ought to be sensitised, the practice in developing interest in this line, of course in true sense, is the environmental literacy.

Are we meeting the natural disasters in a manner what they used to experience in sixties? Certainly not. The 1998 heat wave, 1999 super cyclone and 2002 severe flood followed by 2004 tsunami in a series have plunged down the threshold of life and livelihood of Odia people. Having accommodating a number of floods, droughts, lightening, thunder storms, heat waves and even earthquakes in every year or alternate, the people of Odisha could profoundly stand strong to tackle the cyclone phylline in 2013 and hood-hood in 2014 successfully. Isn’t it the example of capacity building and resilience development through education and experience? But how far will we sustain to survive by suppressing the severe impacts without acquiring the preventive measures? The whole world is experiencing regionally or locally the same story of worst happenings of environmental degradation and climate change. In this background, reminding the remedial measures for ruining environment is absolutely a clear message that the earth day dissipates.

Against the most uttered word of environment and glittering base of environment curricula in academics and outdoors, can we claim the instincts of environmental intelligentsia outburst in action? Had it really happened the environmental protection would have not been in doldrums. We have the strong environmental protection act; we have pollution control boards, eminent environmental activists, environmental experts, columnists, NGOs to safeguard the earth. Where is the voice and visibility when expansion of concrete roads carves out the age old trees in thousands, mining mutilates the vast stretched vegetation, industries emanate pollutants, rivers die out in dearth of water and ground water table depletes drastically? How long do we show the substitution of deforestation by nascent plantations in files and records? What extent do we extract the ground water without letting the recharge area free from concrete jungles? How many days can we hide in air conditioned rooms and avail bottle water for drinking? What is about the habit and habitat outside? The battle between man and animal has already been started for survival. It indicates that in true sense we are illiterate about the earthly matters in tune with endangered environment.  Therefore, it is high time to have the climate and environmental literacy be spread over the human space so that we can keep our mother earth fit to serve for some more million years.

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