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Don’t Nayagarh deserve a seat in State Cabinet?

A district like Nayagarh, which is having 4 BJD MLAs is now minister less in Naveen government. Question arises Don’t Nayagarh deserve a Minister seat in state cabinet?

It was the credit of Nayagarh BJD that Nayagarh MLA Arun Sahoo was the minister of 2 important departments like Panchayatiraj and Law. Also he won all his 6 Zilla Parishad seats in last election. Consecutively he became minister for 2 times as the only MLA from Nayagarh district. Still Naveen compelled him to resign. But it was expected that in place of Arun, any one else will get entry to cabinet from Nayagarh district.

Excluding Nayagarh, there are 3 other BJD MLAs from Daspalla, Khandapada & Ranpur in district. Purna Nayak from Daspalla, Anubhab Pattnaik from Khandapada and Rabi Narayan Mahapatra from Ranpur. Both Purna & Anubhab are young. But Ranpur MLA Rabi Mahapatra has Rajyasabha experience and is one experienced worker of party. He also left Rajyasabha membership to fight against BJP leader Surama Padhi, and succeded. So it was expected that instead of Arun, Rabi will be prized by Naveen. But not happened so. Further it is seen that some districts like Puri and Cuttack are entitled with 2 or 3 ministers. Where as Nayagarh became minister-less. It’s unfortunate for the people of Nayagarh.

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