Dama Raut found keeping foot on Lord Jagannath’s photo!

A video of BJD Vice-President Damodar Raut is getting viral on social media. In the recently uploaded video Dr Rout has kept his foot on Lord Jagannath’s photo.

In the video Dr Rout is shouting at somebody and asking to leave his chamber. During this interaction he is seen keeping his right foot on Lord Jagannath’s photo on his table. 

Recently he was removed from the ministry by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik for his derogatory remark against Brahmin community. He is the person who is always in media for his controversial statements.

Asutosh Pani a journalist who has shared the video, received some comments. Prashanta Mishra in his comment says ‘Binasa Kale Biparita Buddhi’. Which literally means during the time of destruction, its like going against own intelligence. 75 years old Rout has been elected to State Assembly for 7 times. He is a Hindu, and keeping foot on Jagannath’s photo has again dragged him to controversy.

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