Constitutional deadlock in Odisha association for the blind

Two numbers of office bearers such as Jugal Kishore Pradhan vice president & Mr. Abhay Kumar dalei Asst. general Secretary Along with all the five executive committee members such as Shri Ajit Kumr Behera, Jyoti ranjan das, Sushree Sahoo , Himanshu Sahoo and Brahmanand uttarkabat have submitted their resignation before the General Secretary of the association demanding a free pair praise and democratic election showing their dissatisfaction over the financial irregularities , manipulation of records and missuse of public fund by the president of the association Prasant Kumar bhuyan and treasurer Muralidhar das along with it’s General Secretary Mr. Bihari Nayak. One executive committee member Mr Ajit behera said the General Secretary has taken flight fare and availed plane service without the approval of the executive committee. He added the president and his loyal Pitabas das instead of doing government duty staying in the guest house of the association and involved in ilicit affairs without paying charges of the guest house. 2 numbers of visually impaired girls lodged FIR in BBSR mahila police station on alleged molestation forcibly caused to them and one of them became unwed mother.

The inactions of police put them to gross injustice. The election of the association was supposed to be held on 5th January 2017 after completion of 3 years term of office of the present office bearers but the election is over due on account of his govt of Odisha cancelled the membership of Bihari Nayak general Secretary OAB and rebarred him from the membership of state advisory board on disability. On the other hand Mr Nayak was also rebarred from the multidisciplinary grant in aid committee of the SSEPD Dept. In absence of a full elected valid governing body both the central and State government have discontinued providing grant in aid to the association as a result to which the poor visually impaired staffs are going without payment and struggling to get a square of meals in a day without looking into their plights, president is merely enjoying the government fund violating the employees conduct rules of the central government. The members of the association Mr Hemsagar panigrahi , Sarat Kumar das, Ratnakar Pradhan, Dibakar Sahoo and Minati Panda demanded immidiate payment of the staff salary and removal of present office bearers as the governing body has already been dissolved and have no power to make any financial transaction on behalf of the association. One member Mr Kartik behera has already lodged FIR in Kharvel nagar police station against the president of the association Mr Prashant Kumar bhuyan and the same has been charge sheeted against him.
The individual interest should not over power the community interest said the former vice president of the association Mr sarat Kumar das . The founder general Secretary Mr binod Bihari Sahoo has lodged an fir against the treasurer of the association Mr Muralidhar das and the Same has been charge sheeted against him by the IIC Kharvel nagar police station and urgent intervention of the government is required to remove such a constitutional deadlock . Mr Prashant bhuyan and his associates Mr Santosh panigrahi have taken money out of the public fund of the association and opened joint bank account in SBI Satya nagar branch which is being loaned to blind person with higher rate of interest that amounts to direct financial exploitation. Treasurer Muralidhar das purchased a plot in his name in bbsr and constructed building in it out of the illegal money generated by him from the public property of the association which needs a fair trial by the state vigilance Dept.

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