Child adoption agencies will be opened soon in all districts of Odisha

Whether the child is adopted or born, a mother can’t see any differences between them. Motherhood only understands the affection of child. Those who don’t have any child, they should not be hesitate to adopt one.

Some women said this in child adaptation week 2016, last Saturday at Bhubaneswar, arranged by Children welfare department. A woman namely Nibedita said that, she was not able to have a baby even after 6years of marriage. Starting from medical science to tantric-mantra and worship-prayer nothing worked. She faced many criticisms for this. Finally she adopted a 2year old girl child through the district child adoption agency. First she faced some difficulties. But now after a few months, she became an important part of her life. Not only Nibedita, her husband’s life also filled with joy for this girl. There are a lot of parents who have same stories like this.

In this program, state child protection commission chairperson Kasturi mohapatra said that, there is nothing to be ashamed of adopting child. But it’s not so simple. There are some rules of state government to adopt a child. After the successful discussion of these rules between the parents and making them registered, they are permitted to adopt a child. There are a lot more people, who don’t have any idea about all this. So there is a lot of need of awareness. Chief Guest D Prasanta Kumar Reddy, Director of society welfare board said that, department is giving full support to the adoption process. Now there are only 17 agencies available in 30 districts, so we are taking necessary steps to have agencies in all districts. The secretary of the members of OSCCW gave the welcome speech, and also distributed the prizes to the qualifiers of drawing competition organized in different districts.

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