Bottle recycling machine installed in Puri station

Giving boost to Swachh Rail-Swachh Bharat Mission, Puri Railway Station of East Coast Railway has put up a Bottle Recycle Machine which will avoid plastic wastage at the Station premises and Railway tracks of the Holy City. This also aims to create a environment friendly initiative, create awareness about benefit of recycling and ensure 100% recycling. Two numbers of similar type of machines commissioned at Puri Railway Station i.e. one at Platform Number 3&4 and another at Platform Number 7&8.

With this initiative, used plastic bottles on the track will become a thing of the past. This machine will only accept plastic bottles. These recycled bottles will be supplied to the fibre-manufacturing companies to be used for clothes, carpets and grocery bags etc.

In order to encourage passengers to participate in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, a sum of Rupees 10/- per bottle will be rewarded to the passengers in their Free Mobile App Charge Wallet, for utilizing this machine. The usage of these Automatic Plastic Bottle Crushing Machines will make our environment free from Plastic Pollution and will help to make the society plastic free.

This machine is designed and developed by a private company for solution of plastic bottle waste management. These enable recycling at the source of consumption and ensure 100% recycling of bottles.

This machine enables many fold advantages like

  1. 100% instant recycling and prevents reuse and misuse of bottle at source. These bottles should be immediately destroyed as written on bottle itself. No littering on street or landfill from bottle.
  2. Volume reduction of 85%-90% instantly and hence saving in space and improving efficiency in waste management, reduction in transportation & fuel burning by 9-10 times for municipal authorities.
  3. The machine enables the material to be used directly as raw material for recycling, ensuring saving of water of approx 6-7 lit / kg which is otherwise required in traditional method.
  4. Adhering to new pollution laws (MSW 2016) of plastic segregation and ensuring recycling at source.
  5. High awareness due to public participation, reduce Carbon dioxide, CO2 emission and protect environment.

Among the various usages of the collected PET waste material that have been established, it is used to make usable items like T-shirt, caps, Laptop Bags. Some path breaking stuff of using this material to make structural plastic items like dustbins, toilet cabinet etc. has been done. With these efforts, we are constantly striving to make our environment free from plastic pollution and turn the society plastic free.

East Coast Railway has installed this Machine on an experimental basis. On success of this venture, ECoR has planned to install at other important Stations over its jurisdiction.

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