Bhupen Hazarika’s songs in Odia

Bhupen Hazarika(1926-2011), widely known as Sudhakantha, singer, lyricist, musician, singer, poet and film-maker has been and continues to be a cult figure in Assam. His songs, written and sung mainly in the Assamese language by himself, are marked by humanity and universal brotherhood and have been translated and sung in many Indian and Foreign languages. 

For the first time an attempt has been made to render his songs in Odia. An album with ten of his iconic songs have been recorded by Assam’s singing sensation Nahid Afrin of Indian Idol fame.
The songs, which have been recorded are 
Mun gote jājābara (1968), MaṆiśa, maniśa pāin (1961), Sāgara samgame (1952), Akāśī gangā cahennā mun (1963), Siśire bhijā śīta rāti (1970), Pratidhwani śune mun (1953), Keun eka alasuā megha (1969), Sedina sakāle (1957), Mun āu mo’ra chāi (1965) and Mo’ra gīta heu (1969).

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