Trans World Radio Indian language services face budget cut

Trans World Radio (TWR) Indian language services including Odia face budget cut. As per the information provided by a Odia language programme producer, production work has gone down & there is a great budget cut from head office.

‘The reception & response has gone down for TWR radio programs was basically related to community development, health & hygiene, educational & devotional, etc., We don’t have our own studio so mostly recordings were done by hiring a studio in Cuttack, etc. With TV dominating, those who want to repair their radio are hardly finding a mechanic to help. But we do hope that things will improve since our PMjee’s man-ki-baat can also promote the media of radio!’, he added.

The Odia language service producers are now more engaged in raising local funds from Christian people & getting engaged in social work related projects.

Established in 1977, TWR in India began broadcasting in 5 languages from a 400 KW AM transmitter in Sri Lanka.  Today it disseminates the Christ News in 83 languages daily for 18 hours each day. Basically it aims to provide information about Christ-like living, forgiveness and the gift of salvation. The contents are based on Bible Study, programs for women, youth, and children.  It also works to spread awareness against the deadly disease of AIDS.

As the Medium wave and Short wave listenership is decreasing, the future of the radio station cant see a ray of hope now, unless some magic takes place.

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